Phyllis Garr

Phyllis Garr

Phyllis Garr, BSN, RN

Pre-Op Holding
Brigham & Women's Faulkner Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts
United States
Phyllis was kind, warm and, dare I say, loving during the whole stay.

Garr was nominated by a grateful patient who also happens to be a nurse leader at another Magnet recognized hospital in New England:

I sought treatment for my cancer and had surgery (twice) at BWFH. My surgeon shared that the nursing care at the "Friendly Faulkner" was incredible. I was blessed to have Phyllis assigned to me during my second surgery. Keep in mind I have been on the "other side of the sheets" for 35 years as a nurse and this is really my very first illness.

I had to come back to the OR for an unexpected revision. Phyllis's care was truly exceptional. She asked questions about the first surgery, how I had recovered, how I felt about this new turn and how I was doing emotionally. She was kind, warm and, dare I say, loving during the whole stay. When she found out that I worked at a Magnet organization she shared information about your journey and even allowed me to read the parts of your document related to the ambulatory surgery unit. She made my care personal and certainly over the top.

I serve on our DAISY Team here at my hospital and I know a Magnet facility when I see it and I sure do know a DAISY Nurse when I see one. I am coming back soon for my reconstruction surgery and actually have very little apprehension as I know I am in great hands.