Phillip Fisher

Phillip Fisher, RN

Intensive Care Unit
Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
Sugar Land, Texas
United States

My husband was in ICU from March 25 to April 2 and then transferred to the floor and later discharged on April 11. We've encountered numerous nurses and the following named nurses have made impressions on us and we would like them to be recognized: Erica (ICU), Heidi (ICU), Maria (ICU), Lizy (floor) and Jennifer (Wound Center). They, and Phillip Fisher, not only demonstrate their professional knowledge/skills but also are very caring toward patients. They know how to ease my husband's discomfort and calm him down when he showed signs of fear.

Phillip tirelessly and gently changed the soiled pads frequently and cleaned my husband and was making sure that my husband felt comfort when inserting the needle into his poor vein, and inserting and removing his feeding tube to name a few. He has demonstrated the soft side of human being.

Phillip's caring thoughts and professionalism have meant a lot to me. As the spouse of the patient who was in critical condition with multiple organ failures and has no close friends and relatives living in the United States of America, I nearly had a nervous breakdown to handle the situation on top of taking care of the 8-year old we have. My heart ached when seeing my husband lying helplessly and nearly hopelessly in bed; it was very difficult for me to withhold my feeling to tell my child that her daddy was going to be okay and would be coming home soon. Phillip also took his time to answer many of my questions that doctors had not answered or explained to me. When he saw I was reading the Bible and taking notes from it, he said it makes his work easier and shared with me how he starts his day of work. I felt my husband is in good hand and started to share with him what I believed that the Holy Spirit had revealed to me. When I had doubts based on what doctors' diagnosis, he reminded me to trust the Message revealed without any doubts. This is what I've been holding on to the present and seeing the miracles!

As of today, my husband has recovered very remarkably: his organs do not show signs of damages and his infections and open wounds are all clear. When you see him, you would not believe how sick he was nearly a month ago. He'll be celebrating his 57th birthday this Saturday! All these have to be credited to Phillip, all your nursing staff, doctors and my God who answered my prayers.