Phaedra Beckwith
July 2013
Neuroscience, Stroke, Telemetry, Dialysis Unit
Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center
United States




Four South would like to proudly nominate Phaedra Beckwith, RN for the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses because we feel she clearly demonstrates and meets the criteria for this prestigious award. Phaedra has been employed with Bon Secours for 3 years. She consistently lives the Bon Secours mission, and exemplifies its core values. She will stop what she is doing to help you. She is our resident dialysis expert who fills a part time position with DAVITA Dialysis agency, and she picks up extra shifts when the unit is short. What really stands out about Phaedra is her compassion for nursing and the extraordinary care she provides to her patients. I had the opportunity to witness this first hand. About a month ago Phaedra was taking care of a patient who had been in an accident that left him completely paralyzed. He was a young gentleman who had missed his prom and quite frankly stated he didn't "have much to live for anymore". He recently refused all care and because of this developed many pressure ulcers all over his frail, ailing body. This however did not stop Phaedra. She marched right into his room, told him that she was going to treat him just like he was one of her children, that she was going to clean him up, and dress his wounds whether he "liked it or not." After Phaedra completed dressing his 20 plus pressure ulcers the young gentleman thanked her and said "no one has ever treated me like that and shown me the compassion that you did." In that moment I felt so proud of her, and the love she showed for this young man. Her tender, loving touch and compassion gave him a renewed outlook on life and he took something away from Bon Secours Maryview that he will carry with him the rest of his life. Four South is proud to call Phaedra one of their own and feels she is most deserving of The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses because she goes that extra mile, and is dedicated to the mission of Bon Secours.