Perry Pettie

Perry Pettie, RN

Baptist Memorial Hospital - DeSoto
Southaven, Mississippi
United States

Nothing can prepare someone for the intense emotions and fear that accompany admittance of someone you love to the hospital. My family was faced with these emotions as my Dad was admitted to Baptist DeSoto suffering from symptoms associated with lung cancer. He was severely dehydrated, weak and having trouble eating. Over the course of his ten day stay, we watched his enormous improvements, which we feel strongly contributed to the gentleness and graciousness of our nurse, Perry Pettie.
During struggles such as these, it is easy to feel that that all hope is lost; however, Perry encouraged us to think otherwise. The comfort and kindness shown by Perry alleviated our fears and anxieties and inspired my Father to fight. He would make special trips to bring him snacks, help when it was not asked of him and lend a listening ear. Perry made us feel as if my Dad was his only patient, even when we often overheard of his busy, stacked schedule.
My family cannot imagine this time without the encouraging smile and comfort of our nurse, Perry. We are forever grateful and we know that a patient taken care of by Perry Pettie, is a life touched forever.