Peggy Brungardt

Peggy Brungardt

Peggy Brungardt, RN, CRRN

Senior Focused Care
Hays Medical Center
Hays, Kansas
United States

It's amazing the difference that one person can make in the critical times of life. Peggy Brungardt from the Hays Medical Rehab Department is one of those people. Because of a mild stroke that occurred during surgery, my mom went to Hays Rehab. It is because of the difference that Peggy made as a nurse in Hays Rehab, that my mom is thriving in her assisted living home. She is as happy as a clam, and is recovering from her stroke unbelievably well.

Peggy was such an integral member of the nursing team because she understood Dementia and cared for Mom with the needed understanding of that disease. She understood the effects of Dementia and went the extra mile in caring for my mom with compassion. Having someone in rehab staff with that understanding made such a difference!

Not only was Peggy there to care for my mom, but she also was there as someone with experiential wisdom for me to turn to when I needed to seek guidance in making life altering decisions for my mom. On several occasions, Peggy spent quality time with both my mom and me during her shift, pouring herself out, seeking to develop a relationship with us during those days/evenings at the Hays Rehab. Her support and encouragement during that very intense time gave me the vision of hope that I so desperately needed in making decisions about where my mom would live after leaving Hays Rehab. Ultimately, Peggy made the difference in the quality of life and the pleasure of living daily life that my mom is experiencing now.

Finally, Peggy demonstrated proactive leadership in doing what was needed to ensure that my mom got the physical and occupational therapy she needed after she left Hays Rehab. Peggy went the extra mile to act as an advocate for my mom in getting orders from the doctor at Hays Rehab, and then calling the head nurse at the assisted living home where my mom had been sent. My mom continues to receive physical and occupational therapy and is improving in unbelievable ways from the effects of her stroke-because of Peggy's proactive leadership.

Again, what a difference Peggy made in that critical time of my mom's life. Because of that, I would like to nominate Peggy Brungardt from the Hays Rehab Department as a very deserving recipient of The DAISY Award.