Pediatric ICU at University Medical Center of Southern Nevada

Pediatric ICU at University Medical Center of Southern Nevada

University Medical Center of Southern Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
Sidra Aamers, RN; Gabrielle Baria, RN; Elizabeth Bolhouse, RN; Valarie Burnett, RN; Christina Rose Calavan, RN; Lauren Campbell, RN; Trista Chiodini, RN; Yvette Crespo, RN; Janel Davenport, RN; Andrea Davis, RN; Brittany Davis, RN; Donna Evangelista, RN; Sherri Fabbro, RN; Arlene Felix, RN; Elizabeth Fisher, RN; Jesse Francomano, RN; La Keesha Gavryush, RN; Holly Goltra, RN; Destiny Hardin, RN; Jackie Janasik, RN; Ann Johannes, RN; Nina Kang, RN; Anna Ledesma, RN; Troy Miller, RN; Danielle Michelle Moyle, RN; Branden Murphy, RN; Lindsey Nigro, RN; Mercie Plasterer, RN; Cynthia Petty, RN; Yvonne Ramos, RN; Tiffany Severo, RN; Jessica Strohl, RN; Ceslie Torres, RN; Nayra Uriarte Sanchez, RN; Kristen Weber, RN; Abby Yeboah-Asuamah, RN; Monique Young, RN

I wanted to take a moment to recognize the entire Pediatric Intensive Care Nursing Team for the outstanding patient care they provide, and their above and beyond effort to exemplify our Children's Hospital of Nevada, UMC core values of compassion, accountability, integrity and respect while delivering excellent nursing care as demonstrated through multiple measured patient outcomes. The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit nursing staff care for the children and their families during the most critical emotional time in their young lives, executing not only expert clinical delivery of care but promoting the mission of Children's Hospital of Nevada, UMC of strong relationships between the child, his or her family, and the caregivers in an atmosphere of love and concern.

There are many examples that I could share on how this team demonstrates Children's Hospital core values. In the month of January, 12 of the PICU nurses were nominated for DAISY Awards by our patients. I cannot express the wonderful care that each of the PICU nurses provide as individuals or as a unit as well as our patient families.


One patient patent stated, "She was meticulous while caring for all aspects of our son. Her attention to detail was second to none. While talking to us she would give us her full time and attention. Her compassion for the job sets UMC apart from all other facilities." It was said about another PICU team member, "It is pivotal to maintain a trusting relationship and this RN performs this with utmost compassion and patience."


One patient family discussed a PICU team member in this manner, "While observing her, there was no doubt that she knew what she was doing. She took the time to explain why and what the various medications were for. Her ability to explain things in such a manner that a non-medical person would understand was truly refreshing. Also, the manner and fashion of how she worked and went about her duties in caring for our son made us feel very comfortable."


A patient's family stated, "The RN is amazing. He made sure that we went over every option for pain management before my son's surgery. He was very attentive and knowledgeable. He did not hesitate to reach out to the attending or resident when my son had issues. I know he was on our side. After my son's surgery, he made sure to stop and check on my son's progress even though he was no longer our nurse."


A parent stated, "This RN has made my son feel safe and comfortable while at UMC. She is like a ray of sunshine. The RN puts her patients before herself and she has advocated for your son many times and for that, we are deeply grateful. During a dressing change, our son was having extreme anxiety and wanted his hand held. Instead of telling him to wait because she was administering meds. She figured out how to hold his hand and give the meds at the same time. She held his hand the entire time without hesitation or thought to work still needing to be done. The simple action brought more comfort to our son than any medication could have and we are grateful for her actions."

There are many more examples of patient expressions of appreciation in the PICU. A core principle of nursing ethics is patient advocacy, a requirement of nurses to support and protect their patients. Our PICU nurses demonstrate these key principles daily. The team is actively involved in multiple clinical projects that they have initiated to improve professional nursing delivery of strong patient care. The development of RN rounding tools, interdisciplinary collaboration with the division on projects including sepsis bundle, quiet time, and through-put are examples of projects of the PICU initiatives. The Pediatric Intensive care team exemplifies the definition of the Team Award for the DAISY Foundation.

"The DAISY Team Award recognizes the collective efforts of an outstanding group of individuals who worked to complete a project that was important to the University's mission, goals and/or directives."