Pearl Icuspit

Pearl Icuspit

Pearl Icuspit, RN

Adult Unit/IMCU
Massachusetts Eye and Ear
Boston, Massachusetts
United States

Pearl was caring for a very ill patient in the IMCU. This patient was anxious and having difficulty getting out secretions. She was beginning to panic, her heart rate was climbing and her alarms were going off. Pearl came to her side and immediately helped her calm with her soothing voice and gentle touch. Pearl explained all of her actions to the patient as she was performing them. I could see the patient immediately settle. Pearl suctioned and repositioned the patient and gave her a reassuring smile. The patient was so comfortable when she was done and Pearl was then able to teach the patient how to help take care of her secretions.

On another occasion, Pearl was speaking with the wife of a patient who was in the OR. The wife was obviously worried. Pearl took the time to take the wife to a quieter area. Pearl then called the OR for an update. Pearl calmly explained what she knew from the OR and was able to reassure the wife. She then brought the wife to a comfortable waiting area and gave her something to eat and drink. The wife was so relieved it was wonderful to witness how Pearl just eased her concerns and took time to care for the wife too!

Pearl is the caretaker of all of her co-workers on 11. She brings in food and treats on a regular basis. She helps every co-worker during her shift. When it gets busy, she is upbeat and positive. She is able to keep everyone focused on the patients and their care. She is in a word -AMAZING!!!