Pauline Gore

Pauline Gore, RN, ADN

Nephrology and Renal Transplant
Los Angeles, California
United States

Pauline was nominated by patients and doctors alike. Clearly her passion, her empathy, and her love for nursing are personal tenets to be recognized with her DAISY Award aside her fellow outstanding nurses from across the country.
“Pauline Gore is not only a well-trained and knowledgeable nurse and RN. She is warm and gentle, tenacious and a good communicator. Pauline is an exemplary nurse -- she makes up for her smaller stature with an enormous heart -- she will go out of her way to help a patient -- these and other qualities that Pauline has are very meaningful for a patient (me) and it is great and very appreciated. Pauline strives for and accomplishes the status of exemplary energy in her field -- with humor and compassion!
--Also we come to the Kidney Transplant Clinic from quite a distance. Once when we arrived late Pauline tracked down a nephrologist for us (since none were in the clinic) and got him to come over for the check-up. Pauline: miracle maker! (patient’s wife)”
“Pauline provided consistently professional care during my time in the transplant clinic. She attended to both my physical and psychological concerns compassionately. I had several infusion procedures which she administered with great care. She is truly an asset to the UCLA team.”
“It is with great pleasure I nominate Pauline for the DAISY award. Pauline has earned this nomination by the VERY, VERY PROFESSIONAL, UPLIFTING, CHEERFUL and overall GREAT NURSE! My wife is an RN and I know a great nurse by the way patients are served. Pauline is the CREAM of the CROP, not through WORDS, but through DEEDS of ACTIONS. Whenever I have had to call back after a visit, she quickly gets answers to my questions. I have ALWAYS been greeted WITH A SMILE. UCLA IS FORTUNATE to have such a WONDERFUL, COMPASSIONATE and PROFESSIONAL employee.”
“Pauline Gore, RN has been my nurse for purposes of flushing my picc and drawing blood as required by my doctor. She is not only very proficient, efficient and professional, but is also the friendliest and most helpful person one can imagine. I wholeheartedly endorse her for the award.”
“Pauline always greets everyone with a smile and says good morning. She is truly professional in her job. She tries to make you feel comfortable. She will answer your questions when she can. It is very pleasant to be in her company.”
“Pauline is a very caring person not only with patients but with coworkers and all staff working in MSB/Nephrology. Always willing to help no matter how much she has on her hands. She has made me feel welcome to the department and I'm grateful for her support in everything she has helped me with the last 6 months my first six months. Pauline, thank you so much for all.”