Pauline Daniels

Pauline Daniels, RN

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta: Scottish Rite, Egleston and Hughes Spaulding
Atlanta, Georgia
United States

Pauline Daniels, Staff Nurse—Colleague, Emergency Department, Children’s at Hughes Spalding
After working at Children’s for 11 years, Pauline has become an invaluable team member to the Emergency Department at Children’s at Hughes Spalding. This extremely passionate nurse is one of the preceptors for the department and, with her exceptional critical care assesment skills, she is often the nurse leader in the code room. “Words that come to mind when I think of Pauline are respectful, caring, innocative, a team player and a patient advocate,” said one co-worker.
“She is a model and a resource for both new and seasoned nurses. If she is your nurse, you can be well assured you have an advocate for you and your child.” Over the years, co-workers have observed the many times that Pauline has gone to a resident or an attending with concerns for her patients.
In addition to being well respected by physicians and her peers, Pauline has also been instrumental in suggestions for the iCare boards. Many of her suggestions have made a positive impact for both for the department and patients. Additionally, she has been extremely supportive in Children’s journey for Magnet status by submitting several stories. Pauline is truly an example of a nurse who demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of nursing.