Pauline Bracknell

Pauline Bracknell

Pauline Bracknell, LPN

Care Transition Coach for WellStar Douglas
WellStar Douglas Hospital
Douglas, Georgia
United States
Pauline continues to demonstrate compassion and empathy despite the myriad of socio-economic need for many of our patients.

Pauline went above and beyond the expectations of her duties in responding to the needs of an out of state, homeless patient. Despite cognitive, social, and educational barriers with this patient, Pauline was able to perform a complete assessment and contact the patient’s ex-wife who was rehabilitating physically herself in another state. Pauline was able to determine the patient’s resources and then persuade this patient of his need to return to his former state, where he had established medical, social, and behavioral resources. Pauline then secured a bus ticket, 2 catered meals, a taxi to the bus station, as well as his current filled prescriptions for the next month.

Pauline did not end her care there. She also followed-up with the patient’s ex-wife the following day to ensure that the patient did arrive as planned. The patient expressed appreciation for Pauline’s concern and follow-through with his care plan. The patient’s ex-wife expressed gratitude for all that was done for the patient during his stay at DH.

This is just one example of what Pauline does every day. Her resourcefulness goes beyond the knowledge and skill set that results from years of coordinating care of patients. Instead, she continues to demonstrate compassion and empathy despite the myriad of socio-economic need for many of our patients. While many nurses experience burn out or compassion fatigue after years of daily responding to others’ needs, Pauline seems to be invigorated by the multidimensional levels of patient need. Her positive, “can-do” attitude provides a great deal of assurance for the nursing staff, and most especially, for our patients. 

Pauline goes well beyond standard role expectations and often provides effective in-the-moment counseling and education for our patients. Pauline has a gift for guiding our addicted, marginalized, and overwhelmed patients by helping them recognize their priorities and set realistic immediate and long-term goals. She gives clear information on the level of understanding of the patient, which is a hallmark of patient centered care.


Note: This is Pauline's 2nd DAISY Award!