Pauline Bracknell

Pauline Bracknell, LPN

Hospitalist Group
WellStar Douglas Hospital
Douglasville, Georgia
United States

PB is a nurse who is compassionate, caring and always able to give her unique prespective of her experiences to assist patients with their decision making process. PB spoke with a patient who was Chronically / Critically Ill needing Dialysis 3x a week. The patient needed heart surgery but the prognosis was poor due to infection. PB and I spoke with the patient and family about all of the available choices. We then had to get Care Team involved in the discussion with family and the patient. After hours of taking and given her experiance with hospice that patient and family decided on inpatient hospice. When that patient left the floor her was smiling and looking foward to being comfortable, and eating a steak dinner with a glass of chardonay.