Paula Lindmeier

Paula Lindmeier

Paula Lindmeier, RN

Interventional Radiology
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
Gilbert, Arizona
United States
Paula was there for me from start to finish and expressed so much love and compassion.

Webster defines a nurse as, “One whom provides promotion of health, prevention of illness, and the care of ill, disabled and dying people.” Often, we become so focused on daily tasks pertaining to “fixing” a physical ailment that we forget about the emotional needs of the patient. I am new to the management position here at Mercy Gilbert’s Interventional Radiology Department. My background is in the Emergency Department setting for the past 4 years. I have worked with many nurses that are extremely skilled. However, my eyes were opened to a different type of nursing when I came to this department.

The team I now work with consists of exquisite quality patient care providers that work together fluently and have become my second family. I received a phone call recently from a woman who had a procedure for a lung lesion biopsy performed with our department the week prior. She wanted to express great appreciation for the amazing care provided to her by our nurse Paula Lindmeier. She opened and shared her story of dealing with the stress and mental anguish she has been undergoing regarding a diagnosis for a nodule found in her lung. When she came to us for her biopsy she was very anxious, borderline in tears. Paula went above and beyond to reassure her that she would do everything within her means to put her mind at ease. The patient said, “She’s just wonderful! She was there for me from start to finish and expressed so much love and compassion. She should be recognized for her kindness.”

I couldn’t agree more. Apart from this example of excellent patient care, Paula is very special to me as well. She has taken me under her wing as a mentor. Not only is she a book of knowledge with her diverse experience, but she also has the biggest most loving heart any friend/colleague could ask for. I strive to grow to be at the level of nursing she has achieved and totally agree with the patient that she cared for that she certainly should be recognized.