Paul Luyinda

Paul Luyinda, RN II

Cardiovascular Progressive Care Unit
JPS Health Network
Fort Worth, Texas
United States

Paul is the kindest and most sincere gentleman nurse you will ever find. He is always found with a smile on his face and a kind word for anyone he speaks with. He receives so many WOW cards from patients and team members alike. He has received some of the reward bucks for using the 6Cs. We all acknowledge what great service Paul provides his patients and our team.

Paul has many different ways he promotes an excellent environment of care for our JPS patients. He plays a very major role in precepting new hires on our unit. Since 2007 he has been the primary preceptor for 15-20 of our nurses, some of which have even advanced to ICU. He works extra shifts and fills-in on days when we have staffing shortages. He has also filled in as a Team Leader whenever the need arose. He took on the task of becoming certified with the new Glucometer to be a super user to help train all staff to ensure compliance with training requirements. Paul takes on the role of patient advocate and team member advocate. He will stay late or come in on off hours to handle a patient or team problem.

Earlier this year a patient was going to be discharged home after sustaining a fall with rib fractures. The discharging physician was going to send the patient home without pain medications because they had broken their pain contract. This patient was being seen with one of our outpatient Pain Clinicians for chronic pain issue. The patient was out of medications so Paul continued even after the discharge physician was adamant about no pain medications. He contacted the Staff physician over the team and requested again for some medication. This patient who already had chronic pain issues now had rib fractures to add to that and would need pain medications. The staff physician agreed with Paul and directed him to the resident to give the order and the patient was discharged home the same day. If Paul had not advocated for his patient so strongly, this patient may have had a discharge held or worse. It they had gone home without appropriate medications for pain it is very likely they may have developed some type of respiratory compromise like pneumonia from not taking deep enough breaths due to pain. These types of examples are common for Paul because he always does the best thing for his patients.