Paul "Kent" Andries

Paul "Kent" Andries, BSN, RN

4 Dawson Medical
Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics
North Kansas City, Missouri
United States

Nomination one:
Kent is a new Registered Nurse. It was his first day on the floor when he took care of my mother. She was in isolation and unlike most of the nurses; he did not rush in and out and really showed an interest in my mom. I have known a lot of RN's as I have been an RN for 44 years and Kent has the makings of a very good RN. He is caring and listens.
Thank you. – SG (family member of patient)

Nomination two:
Kent is very serious about being a good nurse. I think he will have a great and rewarding future. May God bless him always. – VFO (patient)

Nomination three:
I went up to our general medical unit to help as there was both a rapid response and cardiac arrest happening simultaneously. Kent was the nurse for the patient that had the cardiac arrest. I walked in the room and he was doing the compressions. He did this for 20 straight minutes. I am sure people offered to take over, but he was not tired at all. He was so bound and determined to save this man. This code lasted for 40 minutes and ended unsuccessfully. We brought the wife in afterwards, and she was utterly hysterical. Kent just held her. He let her cry and sob on his shoulder while he told her what an amazing man her husband was. He stayed with her, just being her shoulder to cry on, for at least twenty minutes until her family got there to be with her. I found it so inspiring to see a nurse so driven by pure compassion. – SL, RN (coworker)

The ceremony:
Kent’s Clinical Director, Amarina Evans, BSN, RN, CEN led the DAISY Award ceremony and commented “When I read Kent’s nominations, I could actually picture him performing in each of these situations. We are very honored to have you as a member of our team”.

Kent was pinned by his preceptor, Raquel Berlin, BSN, RN. His family was present at the ceremony, as were most of the current University HealthSystem Consortium / American Academy Colleges of Nurses Residency Program participants.

During orientation, Kent was working with our February 2012 DAISY winner, Cindy Ellman, BSN, RN, CWOCN, Inpatient Wound Care. He accidentally knocked Cindy’s Healers Touch statue over and it shattered. You can imagine the look on his face during the ceremony when he was presented with his Healers Touch statue – pieces of Cindy’s shattered statue! We all got a good laugh and then Cindy presented him with an intact statue, reinforcing the ‘Care and Feeding’ instructions.