Patty Daly

Patty Daly, MN, RN-BC

Nursing Informatics
Cerner Corporation
Kansas City, Missouri
United States

DAISY Honoree: Patty Daly
Patty Daly has been a supportive and informative nursing Cerner resource to me since before my hospital even became a Cerner client! The EMR is a significant culture and practice change for hospital organizations. Patty approaches her nurse consulting role just like a staff nurses approached a scared and hopeful patient. Every time a nurse steps in to a patient’s room, he/she faces a scared patient who is hoping (and praying) the nurse will be a source of information, help and comfort. Patty brings her clinical therapeutic expertise to the hospital and CNO. She is there to inform, help (and comfort)
For over 10 years I’ve been confident that Patty would be available to help me with any question or problem at any time. One of the BEST things about Patty’s nursing expertise with Cerner has been her ability to help me feel like I know enough to lead in an IT world unfamiliar to me. She has been available to help me assess, plan and implement and evaluate the effective use of the Cerner product at CHLA.
I strongly encourage you to consider Patty to be your first DAISY nurse
Mary Dee Hacker
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles