Patty Boucher

Patty Boucher

Patty Boucher, RN

Riverside University Health System - Medical Center
Moreno Valley, California
United States
Patty made us so comfortable in such a tragic situation.

I would like to recognize Ms. Patty as a wonderful nurse. Ms. Patty, God Bless you and thank you for showing us such compassion. We’ve been in this hospital for two weeks and this amazing woman has been nothing but the best to me and my daughter. My daughter was shot and traumatized and Ms. Patty has gone above and beyond in her care for her. My daughter has never been in pain because Ms. Patty frequently checked on her. She made us so comfortable in such a tragic situation. My daughter’s experience was great here because of this beautiful woman. Thank you, Ms. Patty!


There is not enough paper in the world to say what I would love to say about Patty. She was always present, even when I didn’t think she was, there she was, ready with my pain medication. She takes such pride in her work. She worked with me and helped me in any way she could. I felt relaxed, safe, and I knew she was there for me. Thank you, Patty.