Patrick Babin

Patrick Babin

Patrick Babin, BSN, RN

Surgery Center/Endoscopy
Homestead Hospital
Homestead, Florida
United States

Patrick Babin, RN went beyond his job description by providing compassionate nursing care to his patients. One late Friday afternoon after a very busy day, Dr. R called the department and stated that there was an emergency. When Patrick called to get report, he was told by the ED RN that this patient was from a correctional facility with a long history of psychological problems. The patient came in with abdominal pains and stated to the physician that he had swallowed a pen a few days ago. After receiving report, Patrick went to work with gathering equipment to prepare. He is always dedicated and committed to excellence.

Approximately a half an hour later, the ED physician called Patrick and said the x-ray was clear, there was no foreign object and stated he would communicate these findings with Dr. R. Patrick waited a few minutes, then demonstrating his commitment to excellence and patient advocacy, looked up the x-ray results and found the x-ray did indeed show the patient had ingested a foreign object.

Patrick quickly called Dr. R, who was fortunately still in the hospital and reported his findings. Patrick being the competent and professional nurse he always is, moved very quickly to gather a team to remove the foreign object. Patrick provided the patient with very good care, as always caring and compassionate with his patients.

Unfortunately, the procedure was not successful, the patient ended up needing surgery, but throughout the whole time Patrick had this patient under his care and he provided kindness and informed him of everything that was taking place.