Patricia Ziske

Patricia Ziske

Patricia Ziske, RNC, BSN

North Shore LIJ Cohen Children's Medical Center
New Hyde Park, New York
United States

Patty has been a NICU RN for over 20 years. She has always been a compassionate and wonderful bedside nurse who is also a strong patient advocate. Parents and staff all appreciate her hard work and dedication. I don't think Patty is recognized for all of the other areas that she is involved in and for how much she does for the unit and patients to make the NICU a better and safer place.

Patty is involved in many committees such as the developmental care team, the NICU CCC and the pain committee; all developed to improve patient care in the NICU. She also volunteered to give flu shots to staff and family members this season as well as last year and made sure everyone was vaccinated. Patty also teaches BLS to staff and parents that are interested in learning CPR prior to their infant's discharge. She also teaches the baby care class to parents interested prior to discharge. And last but not least, she is also involved in the blood drive and is the NICU champion.

I think I have shown the many ways that Patty goes "above and beyond" not just for the patients here in the NICU but for the whole hospital. Patty touches many of us with all her hard work and dedication and I would like her to know how much we do appreciate and recognize all that she does. She is truly "EXTRAORDINARY".