Patricia "Pat" Anderson

Pat Anderson

Patricia "Pat" Anderson, RN, BSN

O'Connor Hospital
San Jose, California
United States

My mother was admitted to O'Connor due to shortness of breath and edema.  She had to undergo an emergency Dialysis on the same day and the succeeding days.  Pat is one of the Dialysis RNs who demonstrated extreme care and empathy towards my 87-year-old mother.  My mom was under renal diet and was very frustrated that she was not given brown rice (only carrots & beans). Rice is her comfort food.  When Pat learned about this she got the Dietician on the phone and let me explain my mom's case.  Beginning the next afternoon, my mom was given brown rice and some fresh grapes and apple wedges.  Mom was very happy and grateful.  Her blood pressure started to go down.  The magic of rice!  Thank you Pat!