Patricia Janes

Patricia Janes, RNC, IBCLC

Mother Baby
Saint Peter's University Hospital (NJ)
New Brunswick, New Jersey
United States

Patty provide me with incredible lactation support when I was admitted into the ER - about a week after I was discharged from St. Peters for my c-section. I had severe pain and a lump by my c-section scar, and my doctor required me to go directly to the ER for a cat scan in case emergency surgery was required. However, I had no idea how to manage the feeding of my infant daughter since I had been exclusively nursing her. I was very upset that my daughter had never had formula and I was not going to be able to nurse for over 24 hours due to the cat scan dye. I left a voice mail with Patty as we were on the way to St. Peter's. Patty received the message and waited for me in the ER (after her shift was over) to make sure my husband and I could handle the transition to formula. She also made sure I would get a pump in the ER so I could continue my milk supply while in the hospital. Patty made sure we had formula and the right nipple for the baby and she gave direction to my husband on how the baby should be fed while I was in the hospital. She also explained clearly how long the dye from the cat scan would be in my system and gave me information on how long I should pump and when I could go back to nursing. Patty really provided me with exceptional support and care. I was very comforted by her support and she made my experience in the ER much less upsetting.