Patricia Ericson

Patricia Ericson, RN

Memorial Medical Center - Springfield
Springfield, Illinois
United States

All of the nurses on 3G are phenomenal, but I would like to highlight a special nurse that made a scary and not so pleasant experience a bit better. My father has colon cancer and was at MMC in April of 2015 for a colon resection. Being a nurse myself, I made sure I was there every step of the way. The recovery was not smooth, and I quickly recognized that my father was developing a post-op ileus. The day came when I knew we had to take action. Trish was wonderful with my father. She was not only competent and professional at the task at hand, but she was so patient and caring with my father which made all the difference in the world of having a positive outcome to the procedure.

I have been in healthcare for almost two decades and I can quickly recognize excellent nursing care and Trish was it! Being on the other side of the bed as a "helpless" daughter is scary and anxiety provoking but when I saw Trish was Dad's nurse for that traumatic day, I breathed a little easier. It is never easy seeing your loved one in pain or so sick, but I am thankful for the great nursing care by Patricia that helped us through these tough times.