Patricia Deavers

Patricia Deavers

Patricia Deavers, RN

Cardiovascular Surgical Intermediate Care
WakeMed Health & Hospitals
Raleigh, North Carolina
United States

My mother was admitted to WakeMed. Upon admittance, my mother was very ill as a result of COPD exacerbation and emphysema. We have been battling the disease for many years and her condition was grave at best. My mother, although filled with faith was very frightened as was I. As an only child, I am used to working tirelessly to care for my mother with help from my husband and close family friends. This time, I knew something was different about her illness and I wondered how many times can we battle this brutal disease and win.

Once stabilized, my mother was transferred to 3B 42. The treatment and care that we received while on this wing was nothing short of outstanding and life changing. My mother is a very gracious, proud and fiercely independent woman. On this particular day, our nurse was Patricia Deavers. She entered the room with a very soft spoken voice and helped calm both the fears of my mother and myself. She was attentive, thoughtful and loving from the moment we met.

On the second day of my mother's hospitalization, the doctors came into the room and explained that there was really not much more that they could do to help her breathing and that we will need to make very hard choices soon. I tried to be strong in front of my mother but knew I had to find an escape momentarily. I placed my items back into my purse and told my mother I had to leave. She said to me "What did they say? You are crying and you are making me scared". I mustered up enough strength and told her I had to leave for a little while, with tears rolling down my face and my heart literally broken.

I stopped by the nurses' station and Patricia was at the computer. I told her the news that I had received from the doctor and explained that I was in no condition to stay at the hospital. As my eyes were filled with tears and my hands were shaking, Patricia looked at me and I noticed her eyes were filled with tears also. I asked her to take care of my mother in my absence because I had grown weak and was quickly falling apart. She gave me a loving embrace and said "I WILL take care of her".

As I walked down the corridor, I thanked God for sending me such a caring person that was able to stand in the gap for me when I was no longer able to do so. My mother and I are extremely close. We often tell one another "When you hurt, I hurt all over". That is how I felt when I left the hospital. My heart was in so much pain, I felt as though someone had slammed a car door on it. Devastated is the one word to describe my heavy heart that day. I wanted to scream and fall down all at once. My mother and I are so very close. I would not have left her had it not been for Patricia.

My husband made sure I got home safely. I rested in bed for a while. While I returned to the hospital later that day, Patricia gave me a full report for my mother. She never spoke a discouraging word during my mother's hospital visit. She celebrated every milestone with us as my mother began to recover. During the difficult times, and there were many, she offered tender hugs, thoughtful words unspeakable compassion, empathy and the list goes on. My mother and I sat in her room and gushed over the care Patricia provided to remove the void of the reality but rather fill the room with love, hope and gratefulness.

Prior to my mother being discharged Patricia would visit with her on a number of occasions to let mom know she was in her thoughts and prayers. She offered assistance for whatever we needed. I will never forget the care of my mother that she offered. Patricia was an angel every day. No matter what happens with my mother's condition, we know God will take care of her. I celebrate the love she showed us; a sisterly angel that was there for the family at a moment of vulnerability. She came into our life and helps to steady the ship and allow us to safely set sail again. There are so many examples of love and compassion exhibited by Ms. Patricia, they will not all fit into this letter.

In closing, I also want to acknowledge all of the nursing staff on the floor. Everyone was wonderful. I tried to thank everyone specifically, but due to the stress of the situation my interactions were hazy at best. There are no human gestures that can express the level of our gratitude.

Ms. Patricia is a jewel. She is the epitome of love. God has given each and every one of his children a gift. Ms. Patricia has the gift of love. We left WakeMed with nothing but adoration for her and her spirit. During a very dark hour for our family she was a beacon of light. We will never ever forget our encounter with her as we continue on the path God has destined us to walk. It is my pleasure to formally nominate Ms. Patricia for the DAISY Award. She has been a diamond to us!