Patricia Bestoso

Patricia Bestoso, RN

Newport Hospital
Newport, Rhode Island
United States

I am attaching this letter to my nomination for Patricia Bestoso to be the first Daisy Award recipient at Newport Hospital. The area given on the back of the form wasn’t adequate enough to say all I need to say about my submission!
We have recently cared for a 42 year old man who had been diagnosed with rectal cancer with mets a few years ago. He was in the hospital often towards the end of his life and passed away under my care recently. This young man was a very old, close and dear friend of mine. He was also extremely difficult to care for. I cannot begin to tell you how difficult this was for me, to see cancer eating out of the flesh of someone I’ve known for 25 years. Many times, I would leave his room and head to the staff lounge to cry and to try to breathe.
Patty Bestoso, seeing the anguish I was going through caring for him, stepped up to the plate and would take over his care whenever I would come on and find him on my assignment for the day. She cared for him any time I was on and she was on. She was an advocate on his pain issues, stating “Who am I to argue whether or not he’s in pain. I just look at him and know how painful it must be!” And she would tirelessly deliver pain meds whenever needed just so he could move from side to side for her to clean his wounds. She made sure all his favorite foods were available in the patient kitchen as well.
Patty was a caring nurse to my friend, above and beyond the call of duty, an advocate and especially a team player, who saw my pain and stepped in to help a co-worker. Knowing she was caring for him on those days put my heart and mind at ease because I knew he was in the best hand! She is a bundle of energy too., always asking if we need help when she is with us! This example is just one of the many selfless acts we see Patty do on a daily basis.
I see Patty Bestoso as the epitome of the type of person the DAISY Award was meant for and I truly feel she is most deserving of this honor. Thank you for considering her for this award.