Patrice Flamme

Patrice Flamme, RN

Mayo Clinic Health System - Eau Claire

Left to right: Neurology Supervisor Debra Lane and Patrice Flamme, Neurology R.N.

Above and beyond seems to define Patrice Flamme, RN in Neurology. Her supervisor, Debra Lane, pointed to a specific incident that highlights Patrice’s caring nature and earned Patrice the January
2010 DAISY Award for exceptional nurses.

In rooming a patient from a nursing home, Patrice found that the patient could not speak for herself to say why she needed medical attention. Patrice contacted the nursing home for the information, but also went the next step. She contacted the nursing home director and explained the situation.

“She shared how the patient must have felt being dropped off by a driver — alone and unable to help herself,” Lane wrote in her nomination of Patrice. “Several days later, we received a letter from that nursing home’s nursing director to thank us, but also to let us know that it prompted a change in their policies to ensure a patient would not leave their facility without a family or staff member with them.

“A change initiated by a nurse who cared and one who was willing to go the extra mile.”