Pat Stout

Pat Stout, RN

Case Management
Mercy Health - Clermont Hospital
Batavia, Ohio
United States

Pat had a patient she took care of for three days. He was "fired" from a nursing home and came to us from a Homeless Shelter. He burned his bridges at many nursing home facilities due to his actions, his attitude, and leaving AMA. After diligently calling 15-20 nursing homes, Pat finally found one. She kept him updated the entire time. He would get upset with Pat in conversation, and yet, as always, Pat remained calm.

After all of Pat's hard work and diligence to get him placed and just waiting on precertification, this patient left against medical advice! He decided to leave and not go to the nursing home.

Pat displayed no actions or feelings of frustration. Even when this patient's mail was delivered to the hospital, she forwarded it to the patient. As always, Pat continued to serve the patient with her composure and respect.