Pat Dominique

Pat Dominique

Pat Dominique, RN

Intensive Care Nursery
Children's Mercy Kansas City (MO)
Kansas City, Missouri
United States

Pat consistently provides detailed care for each of her patients. Each time she assumes care for a patient, she meticulously and carefully addresses needs of the patient and family. I recall a specific time when Pat was providing SQ injection teaching to parents. She brought out every piece of equipment (even the manufacturer's instructions), and provided step by step explanations, allowing the parents to ask questions at every juncture. The parents were so appreciative of her "taking a lot of time to help us understand." She then went on to make sure they understood and could perform all daily cares for their child. I heard them say several times that they "couldn't believe she would spend so much time with us." Pat makes sure that what she is doing and teaching makes sense. She does not hesitate to ask questions, so that she assures correct information is being taught to family members. Pat views what she does as "part of her job." I don't think she realizes that her nursing style is special and unique.


Pat is a quiet nurse who goes above and beyond expectations as part of her daily practice. Yesterday, we had an update where former parents came to talk to our staff. One mother stated that she loved the attention to detail and the work ethic of Pat in particular. She described her as a meticulous, detail oriented nurse who likes to do things her way. This made the mom comfortable because she always knew what to expect. She stated in addition to the meticulous care provided her daughter, Pat extended that same care to the family, making sure they understood every aspect of their daughter's care. She said, "Pat was there for our daughter and for us." There were several in the audience that laughed when the mom talked about Pat's traits, but then had tears as they listened to the mom talk about Pat's devotion to her job. Pat has long been recognized in the unit as the nurse who can detect when the first bacterial or viral cell invades the baby.