Pat Bacchus

Pat Bacchus, RN

Healthy Women Healthy Lives
Good Samaritan Hospital - Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

Pat has been responsible for the development of the Healthy Women, Healthy Lives Program at TriHealth. Pat is dedicated and steadfast while providing health screenings and education for preventive care for women who reside in medically underserved communities in Cincinnati, Ohio. Pat's compassion while serving the women is outstanding and she is a strong advocate for meeting their healthcare needs.

Pat has been such a positive role model for the women in the program as well as for her employees. Each person is treated with dignity and respect. She addresses the care of the women in a holistic approach, beyond their physical needs. Emphasis is strongly placed on their spirituality needs as well. Each community health fair event begins with a prayer for the nurses and volunteers. Pat has included a prayer team for the women to have available after the screening sessions. Pat has quoted to the nurses and volunteers on several occasions, "Many times we think we are here to make a difference in the women's lives but most of the time they are the ones who empower us."

Pat demonstrates strong leadership as the manager of the program. She spends countless hours behind the scenes with identifying health care needs for the various neighborhoods. Pat is a hands-on manager as she walks the streets and discusses with the people about their health and the program. Pat also spends time making endless calls to schedule appointments well as doing follow-up calls for the women as needed.

I recall an incident when Pat sent a patient, who was not insured, directly to the hospital after she experienced having an extremely elevated blood pressure. She managed to negotiate with the medical and nursing staff to have her admitted that afternoon. This intervention probably saved the patient's life!

Pat is currently working in a doctorate program which demonstrates her desire to continue to achieve greater goals for herself as a nurse and educator. Pat continues to use evidence- based practice to define and implement the program.

Pat deserves the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. She is committed as a caring and compassionate nurse. Pat goes beyond the call of duty to provide excellent healthcare and works tirelessly as a manager for the Healthy Women, Healthy Lives program.