Pamela Huerta

Pamela Huerta

Pamela Huerta, RN

7th Tower
Driscoll Children's Hospital
Corpus Christi, Texas
United States
I truly felt Pamela's compassion toward my daughter.

First, Ashley Grief (ER Nurse) had it not been for you going with your instinct my daughter could have been sent home and the situation would have been worse. I thank you for putting her pain first and having the doctor check her before being discharged otherwise we would have never known her knee was out of place again. It led to my princess being admitted and she ended up needing surgery and hopefully, this issue is resolved now. I thank you for always trying to ease her pain and getting her brother a coloring page with colors to keep him occupied. As a single mother, it is hard to find sitters at the last minute and you truly helped make our visit so much better.

Pamela Huerta and Dolores Hildago (7T) I truly felt your compassion toward my daughter. The help I received and the continued care from both of you made her visit so much easier. I felt she lit up when you two would make it to her room. She never felt scared, always smiling, and comfortable. Thank you so much for taking care of my princess through her stay.

Note: This is Pamela's 2nd DAISY Award!