Pamela Cook

Pamela Cook, RN, RNC

Infusion Center
Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center
Fountain Valley, California
United States

An elderly couple comes to the Infusion center together frequently. The wife receives an injection and the husband, he faithfully accompanies her. They were about to have their 70th wedding anniversary. They have no family and never had children or a wedding (they eloped). Pam bought an anniversary cake, organized the staff in helping put together a celebration including roses, balloons, sparkling cider in champagne glasses along with music on an IPOD. She included staff, patients, and volunteers.
The couple was so moved by the gesture – the infusion center was full with other patients who were able to join in the anniversary party - Eating a small piece of cake, sipping cider and listening to this wonderful couple tell their story. It was so uplifting for the couple, patients and staff. Pam made everyone feel included and special.
I’m sure this couple will never forget their 70th wedding anniversary and the other patients were so happy to be a part of their special day thanks to Pam!