Pam Kelly
August 2020
C. Kelly
Jefferson Regional Medical Center
Pine Bluff
United States




I am sending you this email to share with you the experience my husband and I encountered by Nurse Pam while in JRMC Dialysis Dept. I am sure all of your staff (nurses and techs) are wonderful, but Nurse Pam is an Angel that does not allow her wings to show. I got a little concerned about my husband because I didn't know his status and I only knew he was sent to Dialysis from ER. After making several attempts I finally decided to reach out to Dialysis directly. This young lady answered with such a soothing and anointed tone of voice. I told her my name and asked her, "How is my baby?" She started to laugh, but softly, as to put me at ease. She said, "he is fine, I am taking good care of him." Knowing my husband he can be kind of inquisitive, but Nurse Pam assured him that she knew what she was doing. I asked her to have him give me a call. I didn't have to wait because she allowed him to speak with me immediately. I asked her if she realized that her kindness and professionalism radiated through the phone line? She laughed softly again and said, "I guess it's the God in me." I started to tear up but with joy, because I knew without a doubt Nurse Pam was taking great care of him. I could write a book about this Angel but I will stop with this email. Hopefully one day I will get a chance to meet her face to face, but until then, make sure she knows that she has made a friend for life. May God bless her and the entire Dialysis Department.