Pam Sokol

Pam Sokol

Pam Sokol, RN

Medical Cardiology
Saint Joseph Hospital
Denver, Colorado
United States

Pam Sokol consistently went “above and beyond” to make us comfortable and care for her patient. Her explanations were done with patience and respect which helped us understand the reasons for the tests and restrictions. Pam made us welcome and treated us as longtime friends, important ones!


Pam is the most compassionate and caring nurse I know. A patient who had an extended stay at SJH deteriorated and ended up on comfort care with only hours to live and requested to see Pam who had cared for her many times and had a good relationship. When Pam was called to ask her to call the patient, she instead drove to the hospital on her day off to spend time with this patient in her last moments of life. This speaks volumes to the compassion and caring spirit Pam has for all her patients. She is a great example for us young nurses. I hope to be half the nurse that Pam is someday.