Pam Dawald

Pam Dawald

Pam Dawald, RN, BSN

CV Hart
Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
Downers Grove, Illinois
United States

I feel Pam deserves the DAISY Award because she has shown exemplary nursing care to her CHF patients.

Pam is assigned as the nurse to one of our CHF clinic patients. She oversees his total care at our clinic. She has gone above and beyond for him. He is 45 years old. He has CHF, Pulmonary, HTN and morbid obesity. She always makes time to listen to his concerns and answer his questions, no matter how busy her day is. She makes him a priority. She contacts all of his doctors and NP's as needed. This is something we all do for these patients, but with this particular patient, Pam has done even more. He knows he can call her anytime he needs to talk when she is at work. She has built a very strong nurse/patient bond with him. He knows he can trust her.

Recently, he went to San Diego for a rare surgery to remove blood clots from his pulmonary arteries. This was very risky for him. We were all worried he might not make it. Pam had everyone bring gifts for a basket she made for him to take which she gave to him on his last day at the clinic before he left for surgery in California. Items such as games etc., things he could do in the hospital while he recovered. She has called his sister to find out about his progress, and he has called her many times from California during his recovery. He is doing very well. The doctors were amazed, they had never done this surgery on someone his size before.

I truly feel Pam is one of the reasons he has done so well. Her support and care strengthened his resolve and gave him the positive outlook and confidence he needed to pull through the surgery.