Pam Buffum

Pam Buffum

Pam Buffum, RN

Medical Oncology/BMT
University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

It might be easy to overlook Pam because she is quiet and never calls attention to herself. She is very deserving of the DAISY Award because she is a wonderfully supportive and clinically skilled nurse who works hard to help her team, her patients and their families. Like the daisy flower, she is unassuming and brings brightness to those around her.

Pam never complains when presented with a complex and challenging assignment. She dives in and works hard to provide excellent skilled nursing care with compassion and respect. She is fully engaged in working with her patients and their families to reach their goals whether physical or emotional, curative or palliative. She adjusts her style and approach to the needs of the patient. She is always professional, collegial and respectful when working with other departments and the night shift medical coverage to meet her patients' changing needs.

Pam can always be counted upon by her colleagues for support. She will dive in and help with a patient who needs extra support or quietly care for the patients of a fellow nurse who needs to be with one of their patients one-to-one.

Pam will probably be mortified to have this much attention directed at her, but we want her to know how much she contributes to our team. Pam, you are wonderful. Thank you for being a part of us.