Owen Davis

Owen Davis

Owen Davis, RN

Surgical Unit
Maine Medical Center
Portland, Maine
United States

This was my first time in the hospital. Owen treated me like a person and was very respectful. I thought he did a thorough job. I could tell by his voice and how he talked to me and treated me that he cares about me as a patient. He has good qualities and I really felt I could trust him. I could tell he knew what he was doing. He did not question himself. The other nurses were good, but Owen was exceptional.

Addendum to the nomination submitted by the patient:

During my weekly patient rounds on R6, I stopped in on Friday to see Mr. X who had been a patient for several weeks. Mr. X had been in a work related accident and was not sure whether or not the doctors would be able to save his arm. This had been his first major injury and his first time in the hospital. He had a wife and young child and expressed his fear of not being able to work again.

Mr. X was due to be discharged on Monday, and I wanted to see how he was doing. During the course of our conversation, he mentioned the wonderful care he had received from his nurses. He said all of his nurses were good, but his nurse Owen was exceptional! I told him about the DAISY Award, and he very much wanted to nominate Owen. Our conversation was cut short by the arrival of his family, but he asked me to come back on Monday because he wanted to finish the conversation about Owen. I left him the nomination form and told him I would see him again on Monday.

I went back to see Mr. X on Monday. He had been unable to fill out the nomination form due to his injury (His dominant arm was immobilized to his fingertips). I told him I would be happy to fill it out for him, and would put it all in his words. I asked him if he could give specific examples of how Owen had helped him. He was unable to think of any one example, he just kept stating that Owen had taken his fears away and he had complete trust in Owen.

I realized after reading it that the words I wrote down did not capture the gratefulness and appreciation this young man had for his nurse. As a young man himself, Owen was able to empathize with Mr. X. Through their conversations, Owen had earned the trust of a very scared patient.