Orretta DeJonge

Orretta DeJonge, RN

Advocate Trinity Hospital
Chicago, Illinois
United States

...We had a patient who was cognitively challenged. He appeared to be a little child in a man's body. The ambulance brought him from the streets with no identification or any information as to where he lived. Several departments including the police tried to get information to identify him without success.

Orretta is our assistant Manager for 2N/2S for nights. Orretta was seen spending time with our patient after her shift just to make him feel comfortable.

On Thursday morning, 3 days after admission, Orretta had a piece of paper with a first name and a street number. I asked what it was. She said excitedly "I think I was able to capture his first name and a street name while he attempted to talk!" As it turns out, Orretta went to that street, knocked on houses, gas stations hoping to find someone that knew our special patient.

Today, four days later, thanks to Orretta DeJonge, our patient is back home, safe and for sure happy next to his grandmother who was so worried about him!

When I asked Orretta why did she do that. She said I put myself in the patient's mother's shoes and I could not sleep at night!"

This is an example of Trinity's Big Hearts going out of their way to serve our patients and families! Orretta, thank you for lifting us with your dedication and putting Trinity in the platform of Excellence!