Opal Cumbee

Opal Cumbee

Opal Cumbee, RN, CURN

Post Op Surgical Unit
Roper Hospital
Charleston, South Carolina
United States

Nomination 1:

I have only worked with Opal for a few short years of her extensive Nursing Career, and she has done nothing but inspire me when it comes to how compassionate she is with her patients. She is a Certified Urology Nurse and is incredibly knowleadgable in this field. She is not only 7 Buxton's go to gal for Urology information, she also assists the Nursing staff in the whole hospital when her help is needed, no questions asked. The groups of Doctors that make up Roper's Urology staff are pretty particular on post op ambulation. If we are unable to locate Opal during the shift we could put money on it that she has a patient up ambulating in the halls. I have never witnessed therapeutic communication like Opals. She just has a way of easing stress, pain, anxiety, and increasing the level of comfort and education through out a patients stay. Her compassion never runs dry either. We all have trials and tribulations outside of work that may inadvertently effect the way we take care of our patients, but never with Opal. The biggest complement that could ever be given to a nurse is reminding them of Ms. Cumbee.

Nomination 2:

Opal Cumbee showed an amazing connection and empathy for her patients during bedside report. It was easy to see that her patients all loved her, and that she truly cared for each and every patient as an individual. I can also speak to her skillful care. As a day shift nurse I love to get her patients. I know that they will have received excellent care and be as healthy as she can get them.