One West Staff Acute Psychiatry

One West Staff Acute Psychiatry, RN

Acute Psychiatry
University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center
Towson, Maryland
United States

The 1 West staff has received many letters from grateful patients, thanking them for their kind, compassionate, professional care. The team works together to make each patient feel comfortable, important, and well cared for. It is for this reason that the DAISY Team Award was given to the entire unit. Below is an excerpt from one of the many letters about the wonderful patient care provided daily by the 1 West staff and the ways that they go above and beyond to help their patients.

"Gratitude is an important word with a lot of essential meanings. Gratitude can be an emotion, or I can have gratitude for the people and things in my life. Over the past two weeks, my gratitude is focused on 1 West, my family and my friends. I have come to know that there will always be others that I can count on for support, but the doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, and friends that I have made at 1 West will touch my life forever. From my first day here, everyone went out of their way to make me feel safe and comfortable. I am so very grateful for everyone on 1 West for the care, the understanding, the honesty, the lessons, and the courage that I have experienced there."