December 2017
Oncology 6 Garden
at Saint Joseph Health System
Saint Joseph Health System
United States




Here is my problem, I think I have about 8 cards out on the board to recognize nurses, but honestly, they were all so caring, so knowledgeable, so compassionate, so friendly. It was as if God knew how scared I was and literally blessed me with the most perfect team of nurses and PCPs ever assembled. I have never been in the hospital. The circumstances that brought me here were and still are very scary to me and without these ladies and gentlemen taking care of me the way they did, I believe I think I may have been tempted to take my own life. They, on a second by second basis (if I needed them that much at that moment), reassured me I will be fine. I can do this. I feel like I owe this whole team my life. I mean I went to sleep one day and woke up the next day after being passed out for some reason in one spot and couldn't walk. I owe them everything. They are so equally gifted and kind. The words that I need to do their kindness, their professionalism, their helpfulness, their smiles, the wonderful stories they shared with me about their own lives and family made me realize that I got this. I will be ok. I owe them my life. I have never told anyone that I would rather have taken my own life than live with the possibility of never walking normally again, and possibly having to fight the CLL diagnosis I've also received. But because of the love and concern that was so genuine and honest that I received from my team, taking my own life will never be a thought or possibility ever, ever again. They gave me the courage and strength to handle whatever God throws at me. I love them all so, so, so much.