Olwen Bode

Olwen Bode, BSN, CPAN

Seattle Children's
Seattle, Washington
United States
Olwen's assessment skills and advocacy were key to the safety of this child.

I have worked with Olwen many years, first in ICU, now in PACU. She is extremely skilled as a nurse, knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate and driven to provide excellent care. When Olwen takes on a task, it will be done with the whole of her being. That task may be providing care to a patient, restructuring demand flow on our unit, or precepting a new nurse.

Today I watched as she stepped in to help a coworker with a complex patient and a struggling family, the coworker feeling overwhelmed with the situation. Rather than back away from this challenging moment, she jumped in to help. Having had experience caring for the family and patient in the past, she was quickly able to identify and act on concerns, gain the confidence of the family and patient, and ease their discomfort. In addition to helping the family and patient, she gave solid backing and support to a very appreciative coworker.

Several years ago, Olwen was giving post-procedure care for a cardiac cath patient. After assessing the child, she quickly became convinced the child was in cardiac failure. It took a bit of time and convincing a few doctors that this patient was in imminent danger and needed to go to ICU ASAP. She would not let it go. Ultimately the child did go to ICU and was indeed deemed to be in significant heart failure. Her assessment skills and advocacy were key to the safety of this child.

This is one example of so many I could tell you about Olwen, about how her skill and fierce advocacy of patients has made such a difference in the outcome. I feel like the ultimate compliment to a pediatric nurse is to say that this person is THE nurse I would want caring for my child.... for me, Olwen is that nurse.