Oluyemisi Alebiosu

Yemi Alebiosu

Oluyemisi Alebiosu, RN

Progressive Care Unit
Abilene Regional Medical Center
Abilene, Texas
United States
My first night there I grabbed Yemi's cool, kind hands and asked if she would hum to me (she was humming beautifully as she worked). She gladly held my hands and hummed so comfortingly.

I was transferred from another hospital to Abilene Regional. This experience was scary, emotional, and new. There were so many unanswered questions....will I live, will I die? I had already had 6 pints of blood, as I had internal bleeding.  Due to COVID, one guest was allowed at a time, and on a limited basis. Also, because of COVID, much of my family couldn't travel anyway. This left me scared, alone, and unsure. Yemi's pride and confidence spoke volumes.

Yemi was very organized and efficient. She never forgot a promise (as I don't like to ask for things) and never made me wait if it could be helped. She has a contagious laughter and infectious smile. My first night there I grabbed her cool, kind hands and asked if she would hum to me (she was humming beautifully as she worked). She gladly held my hands and hummed so comfortingly. I am a very emotional person and she calmed my tears. Her kindness, directness, love and excellent bedside manner made me feel safe, taken care of, and not a burden. There was a very notable difference in the overall energy when she wasn't there.

I feel that nurses have a very difficult job. It can be thankless at times. They go home exhausted hoping they made a difference to someone somehow, and yet find the strength to let the things go they had no control of. This woman, Yemi, radiated a motherly, care-taking energy. It was the kind you wanted to see. The kind that wraps you up with hope. I have trouble with trust in the walls of a hospital. It is a place of sickness, sadness, illness, hope, death, love, celebration, miracles, and mistakes. It is an extremely vulnerable place to be. I was not allowed to eat or drink (because of the procedure) and I couldn't sleep for the life of me, and because of the circumstances, I had two IVs and was stuck at least 20 times to give blood for monitoring. Needless to say, I was miserable. Anytime I needed her, she was there with positive words, prayers, and love.

She is a small woman with a strong stature, loving eyes and hands, and a no-nonsense attitude. You could tell she gets things done. This woman puts her whole self into what she does, her spirit, her professionalism, her education, her warmth, and her motherly instinct. The perfect recipe for the ideal nurse. I hope to stay in touch with her via letters and Christmas cards. This is something I have never desired after a hospital experience.

But less we forget: ANGELS WALK AMONG US. Yemi was my angel. She deserves this recognition for perseverance, strength, love for people, impeccable nursing care, and everything in between. When you see her, her smile will grab you and her laughter will bring a smile to even the grumpiest faces. She is a warrior, empathetic, and a hero. I will never forget her kindness.