Olivia Castilleja

Liv Castilleja

Olivia Castilleja, RN, BSN, CCM

Surgical Specialties
Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center
Gresham, Oregon
United States
Liv, thank you for your service, your passion, your knowledge, your logic, and your compassion. You are the reason my treatment has felt as successful as it has been.

Aloha. All the nurses that took care of me during my stay here have done an excellent job. One of those nurses, I feel, went above and beyond her duties and I feel should be recognized for a job well done! She was actually the only nurse to utilize the whole “hospital patient info” board. Every time I had her as my nurse, she’d update the whole board. Every single time! What I loved most was when she filled in the “activity goals”. She communicated with me and sets exercise goals that I’m able to do and feel comfortable with (e.g. “walks 4x daily; I.S exercises 10x daily, etc). By her writing in and setting these goals for me, she truly motivated me to complete these tasks daily. Even in her absence or days off, I continue to do so.  Her personality and strong positive attitude are what encouraged me and made my stay and healing process much, much better and comfortable. Laughter, I feel, is also a good way of healing and she provided many of those, as well! 

Olivia, Mahalo nui loa! Thank you so much! Besides the medicines, treatments, and doctors, I truly believe you were a big part of my healing process as well. Your nursing methods, to me, will go a long way and I’m confident that it will help a lot of people who will also appreciate it as much as I do. I and my ohana (family) appreciate you very much. God bless! 


I’ve been here for 4 days and had multiple nurses, nurse assistants, and doctors working with me.  Liv has gone far above and beyond her duties, in the 2 days I’ve now known her. And I attribute the incredible care I’ve received to her.   I felt anxious and untrusting of what was going on as this stay has been fast-paced and very new to me. She has taken as much time as I’ve needed to explain details to me, answer my questions and even advocate for my health.  Namely, I had a disagreement with my doctor and was about to get a new one when she realized my care could be compromised. She worked with the doctor and me to explain and find a compromise when I was ready to be done. This would have slowed down my case and made it harder to do what was best. She calmly mediated and resolved the situation and even performed a procedure (removed chest tube) at my request and oversight of the doctor so that I felt comfortable. Because of her, we were able to find the issue in my lung sooner and I got the care I needed. She has also only been a joy to work with every time she entered my room. She always made sure I was happy, didn’t need anything and was taken care of in her absence. She is the paragon nurse and I am unfortunate to be transferring hospitals because I won’t have her at my bedside any longer.  Thank you for your service, your passion, your knowledge, your logic, and your compassion. You are the reason my treatment has felt as successful as it has been. Keep on making the world a better place.


I would like to take the time to recognize Liv for her awesome, nonjudgmental approach when dealing with me as a patient. I was combative and upset when I first came in. She made me feel like I didn’t have to be afraid when opening up. She made me feel safe! If it wasn’t for Liv, I would have left the hospital without receiving treatment. She is the best! Funny, caring and genuine.