Olivia Boone

Olivia Boone

Olivia Boone, RN

Cardiothoracic Unit
Spectrum Health Butterworth
Grand Rapids, Michigan
United States

Olivia was my nurse one day, the only time I met her. I was scheduled to go home that day but because of my Coumadin levels, it was postponed. She felt really bad that I could not go home. So in the afternoon, she asked if I wanted to go outside for a while, to which I readily agreed.

She took me down to the DeVos Children's Hospital and bought me and her ice cream cones and we went outside on the patio where it was nice and warm. She certainly did not have to do this. It was really special because she was quite pregnant with a sore back and toward the end of her shift, and I know she was tired.

It all really meant a lot to me!