Olivia Arredondo

Olivia Arredondo, RN

Shriners Hospitals for Children - Northern California
Sacramento, California
United States

“Ms. Arredondo is an expert clinician in the ICU. She demonstrates a high level of clinical and professional performance in all situations. She is able to ensure that the ICU operations run smoothly and makes effective clinical and administrative decisions because of her critical thinking and clinical judgment skill sets. She is an outstanding asset to the ICU.” −Joel Emperador, Nurse Manager
“There is not a specific situation that I can describe. Olivia has always been helpful and cheerful in her relationship with the clinical laboratory. She is always willing to help us regarding orders, bringing specimens or resolving issues with the laboratory. I have observed her relationships with patients, families and co-workers. She is tireless, responsible and always goes above and beyond her normal duties. She treats the laboratory with respect and understands how important we are to her patients. I believe that Olivia is an extraordinary nurse and deserves the Daisy Award. I respectfully submit her name for nomination and feel she is more than worthy.” −Terri Zehrung, Clinical Lab
“Olivia consistently supports the ICU every shift she works. She jumps in and assists wherever needed and actively advocates for her patients. She is long overdue for the Daisy Award.” −Robyn Bartlett, ICU
“On a day when the ICU had an unplanned admit, Olivia (who had a full assignment) set up the room and admitted the patient to help the ICU absorb the admit. Olivia went beyond her role in assisting this family find lodging and helping the family with their needs. Olivia also stepped up to help team lead throughout the year whenever needed and when Jessica was on maternity leave.” −Thomas Weaver, ICU