Olga Cabrera
January 2019
Riverside University Health System - Medical Center
Moreno Valley
United States




I came into the hospital with a partially collapsed lung and I was very scared. Olga took the time to get to know me and she really helped me relax because I was scared that I was going to have a surgery I didn't want to have. She told me that I was going to be okay because she knew that I was strong. She said that I was a very lucky young man because she noticed all my family coming in to see me every day. She said that a lot of people loved me and I had to get strong and better for them. I was very scared of getting my blood drawn because I really hate needles, but Olga helped me overcome my fear. She showed me how to properly put in an IV and explaining to me that not the whole needle was going to go inside of me. She did such a good job that I didn't even feel the needle that I was so scared of! Olga was a very professional and loving nurse. The day before my surgery she wished me luck and told me that everything was going to be okay because I was strong. After my surgery to re-inflate my lung, I was transferred to intensive care and I was sad because I wouldn't see Olga. After I finally got better I came back to the third floor, I woke up in the morning I read my whiteboard and was so excited to see that Olga was my nurse again. She is really nice and helpful and she came into my room just to see how I was doing and she remembered me. She told me that I looked very good and strong, then got me motivated to try to walk around my room. Thank you, Olga.