Olga Borozinski

Olga Borozinski

Olga Borozinski, RN

Intensive Care Unit
St. Rose Dominican Hospital - Siena Campus
Henderson, Nevada
United States
Olga gave me hope, strength, and power when I was feeling helpless.

Olga became our nurse when our son was sedated and on a ventilator.  She was more than diligent with dressing changes, oral hygiene, and turning him so that he did not get sores.

Olga spoke kindly to our son every time she worked with him, even when he was sedated.  She explained everything she did, every time.  He was always comfortable, cared for and paid attention to under Olga's watch.

Olga is by far the most compassionate nurse. One day our pastor came to visit.  Our son was pretty sedated, but he was trying hard to stay with it and pray.  I set my hand on my son and a moment later I felt another hand squeeze mine. Olga had joined us to pray.  Later I thanked her, and she shrugged, saying "we are all rooting for him".

When Olga had finished her “Friday” shift, after her day was over she came and hugged me, then took me by the shoulders and told me to be strong as my son’s advocate while he could not speak for himself.  She reminded me of an experience with another nurse where I did not speak up and my son was hurt because of it.  Her words were well-timed, encouraging and empowering.  She gave me hope, strength, and power when I was feeling helpless.  I believe with all my heart she changed the course of his recovery and then passed on the tools to continue his improvement when her turn was done.  Olga has since visited my son three times after he left her unit.  She came to check on him even after he was no longer her patient.  I can think of no better care than continued compassion even after her job was done.

My son and I will look back on our 20 days at the hospital and Olga will be in our stories as the nurse who worked incredibly hard for our son and who took time to really know him, and who opened her heart with genuine compassion even when her job was done.