Nurse Educators at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

Nurse Educators at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

Nursing Education
Providence St. Vincent Medical Center
Portland, Oregon
United States
Gail Carberry, RN; Rachel Neil, RN; Angela Bingham, RN; Lucia Dallas, RN; Elizabeth Viggiano, RN; Natalie Corban, RN; Cheri Lebrun, RN; Jasmyn Madden, RN Jana Lesko, RN; Barb Warner, RN; Lorinda Newell, RN; Miriam Newson, RN

The clinical nurse educators exemplify the Providence Values embodied in our Mission. As a team, they are responsible for covering the ministry's needs, across all specialty settings, in support of evidence-based practices and professional development. The educators are role models of collaboration and teamwork which make a positive difference in the lives of our patients, families, employees, and our community. The educators advance the professionalism of nursing as defined by American Nursing Association Standards, based on research, and are critical to quality patient and organizational outcomes.

This is demonstrated in the implementation and outcomes of several key initiatives:

OB Hemorrhage Management (reduction of harm events)

Epic/CPM Clinical Content Validation (evidence-based practice)

New Graduate/Employee Standardized Orientation (professional advancement)

Preceptor Jump Start

Policy & Reference Tool Review and Creation (empowerment)

Professional Practice Model Evaluation & Review (excellence in nursing care)

Competency Assessment and Validation Methods (quality of nursing care)

Regulatory Standard Compliance (shared leadership)

HTPP (quality of nursing care)

Patient Education, Nursing Research/Evidence-Based Boot Camp

"Super CNA2"

High Reliability – Caring Reliability Training (interprofessional collaboration)

It is not the execution of their duties as individuals that is remarkable (which is exemplary), rather the unity of the team. The mindset of shared success and collaboration (local, regional and system) are the hallmarks of this team. They "tackle" any issue presented to them. Their passion feeds off of itself and they never say "no", rather "let's see what we can come up with to help". They work in the scope of their specialty and easily span across traditional divisional lines to provide support to our staff, leadership, and patients.

These nurses are one of the most professional and enjoyable leadership teams we have at our ministry– they go above and beyond every day, in every way.