Nora Figueroa

Nora Figueroa

Nora Figueroa, RN

Maternity Place
Broward Health Medical Center
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
United States

...Honorata Figuerora RN is my recommendation for this prestigious award. Nora goes above and beyond each and every hour she works. She is humble & humorous & the best Assistant Nurse Manager/Charge Nurse, Broward Health has had in a long time. She is a compassionate role model who acts to satisfy the needs of patients selflessly, unprompted and with empathy for all.

Just recently I admitted a patient to the Maternity Unit. The husband of the patient requested another bed for their translator. I told them we did not have one. However, when I told Nora she went to another floor & was able to get a cot for the extra person. This patient also needed to be catheterized, after two unsuccessful attempts by myself & another nurse we decided to get Nora who happened to be in Charge that night. In less than a minute she got the catheter into a very swollen meatus bringing immediate comfort to the patient. She is also our IV expert who usually gets her IVs in with one try! These are just a few examples which make her the most compassionate, energetic, expedient and clinically sound nurse I have ever had the honor of working with.

When she works as charge she will take up to three admissions (6 patients) often the C Sections who require extra care. She also finds time to assist other nurses with hanging IVs and administering medications. She addresses complaints in a timely & professional manner which always seem to satisfy all concerned. She is a fantastic role model and a remarkable leader and oh, what an exceptional team player! She is simple excellent at what she does. My standards of nursing are very high and Nora exceeds every one.