Nikki Allen

Nikki Allen, RN

3B-MedSurg Telemetry
Saint Joseph East - Lexington
Lexington, Kentucky
United States

On October 30, an Angel saved my life… I started my shift with a little SOA. I went to the break room and my SOA turned into a Severe Asthma Attack and I could not make it back to the station.
My Angel was in charge and had just received a new admit (the 2nd of the night for 3b). She still realized I was missing and she came looking for me struggling to breathe. I mouthed to her" I need 0xygen" and she said "Hang on Sissy". In a matter of minutes she returned with oxygen, House Admin. Laura Otte, who in turn had ER MD Dr.Blake and ER Nurse Deana with her. All on a mission to save my life and they did. My oxygen sat was 84% heart rate 155 and I was struggling to breathe.
Now to my Angel; she gives credit to the HA, ER MD And ED RN but if she had not realized I was missing and came looking for me I do not know honestly if I'd be here.
Thank you Nikki Allen for being my Angel, for missing me in the midst of chaos and taking time to look for me, you saved my life!!!