Nida Sy-Macairan

Nida Sy-Macairan

Nida Sy-Macairan, RN

Florida Hospital: Winter Park Memorial Hospital
Winter Park, Florida
United States

Nida exemplifies the core values of Florida Hospital and the true spirit of the nursing profession. Nida takes pride in always delivering the very best care to patients; each patient, every day, without fail! Nida is precise, meticulous, and as close to perfect in the care of each patient as I have ever seen-in over twenty years of nursing. I have never heard one complaint or negative word spoken of this nurse, by patients, families, peers, or managers. All that is spoken of this nurse is positive.

Nida is not only extremely knowledgeable and detailed in the care of each patient, but delivers this care as a humble servant. She never seeks recognition and never draws attention to the exceptional care that she delivers. Nida is embarrassed when pointed out as doing an outstanding job, feeling that she is merely doing what is expected. However, this nurse's expectations extend far beyond the norm.

Nida deserves recognition for the excellent care and superior attitude. Nida was recently selected to receive the Employee of the Quarter recognition for the unit where she works. When selected, the vote was unanimous and everyone present cheered, as this nurse truly deserves such recognition. Nida is well-respected by her peers and I feel each and every one of them would agree that this nominee truly displays the standards represented by the DAISY Award!

Integrity: Nida always "does the right thing." She is meticulous in the care of her patients, carefully analyzing every intervention and being sure that she is always delivering the highest level of care possible.

Compassion: Nida cares for each patient as though they were her own family member, no exceptions.

Balance: Nida balances family life with her professional responsibilities, as she carefully plans her schedule to coordinate with her husband's so that she can balance her responsibilities and devote her time at home to her son.

Excellence: In all she does, Nida exemplifies excellence. There is no other level of performance for her. I have never seen her deliver anything but the very highest level of care possible!

Stewardship: Nida is always watching out to assist the unit in conserving supplies and only using what is needed. She makes suggestions for how we may better utilize our resources.

Teamwork: There is no better team player than Nida. She is always quick to jump to the aid of a fellow employee and can always be found assisting others when she is not busy. She is never idle, always seeking what she can do to help her team.