Nicole Zickgraf

Nicole Zickgraf, RN, BSN

Miami Valley Hospital

Nicole is an exceptional nurse because she is always going above and beyond for her patients and co-workers. Even if she is very busy with her patient caseload she will offer to help anyone on the team. Nicole also leads by example. She takes excellent care of her patients and doesn’t like them to wait for anything. She really focuses on those special touches that really make a difference. This includes pain control, offering fluids, and making sure the patient feels safe and cared for. She serves as a great resource when her peers have questions. She is an exceptional nurse and I would choose her to take care of anyone in my family!
Nominated by: Erin Archer Co-Worker

Nicole is a wonderful nurse not only to her patients but also to her co-workers. She goes above and beyond to get the appropriate treatments for her patients. She is always offering to help other nurses and PCT’s. She is a great resource to have around when crisis situations arise. Her positive attitude, spirit, and humor helps keep work enjoyable and make a difference for our patients and the unit!
Nominated by: Tara Duffy Co-Worker

Nicole is a top notch RN. She is a great leader and not only pushes herself, but all the staff around her to go above and beyond. She is my “MVH Nurse Hero”!

Nominated by: Bryan Wymer Co-Worker